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Florence Breakfast Blend, Guatemala/ Brazil/ Colombia, Medium to Dark Roast, Flagship Blend
Florence Breakfast Blend
from $18.00
Chupacabra Espresso Blend, Mexico/ Brazil/ Guatemala/ Colombia/ Ethiopia, Medium Roast, Flagship Blend
Chupacabra Espresso Blend
from $18.00
Ethiopia Sidama, notes of Blueberry & Bilberry, Light Roast/Medium Body, Single Origin
Ethiopia Sidama
from $18.00
Sumatra Sombra, notes of Earthy & Pipe Tobacco, Dark Roast, Single Origin
Sumatra Sombra
from $18.00

Coffees from our Mission Program

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Canon City Pregnancy Center

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Peru Misiones, notes of Chocolate & Nut, Altitude: 1350, Process: Washed, Medium Body/Medium Roast, Missions Program
Peru Misiones
Peru Misiones, Chocolate & Nutty, Altitude: 1350m+, Process: Washed

Peru Misiones

Regular price $20.00


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